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TERARANGE Router Solutions

TERARANGE understands the business and IT issues that face enterprise organizations today—concerns about enterprise network security and network access control, as well as the specific enterprise networking challenges affecting the campus, branch, and data center. And we engineer our enterprise network solutions to address these enterprise networking issues.

Regardless of the business enterprise vertical or location, enterprise networks and the networking applications they support are critical to the enterprise. TERARANGE designed enterprise network solutions that offer network protection, operational simplicity, enterprise networking performance, flexibility, and total cost savings.
What makes our enterprise network solutions different? More availability and agility due to an open enterprise networking infrastructure. Less equipment but greater functionality. A comprehensive product portfolio. Enhanced enterprise network security, including adaptive threat management solutions that are widely recognized by analysts and peers as best-in-class. More networking efficiency due to a simplified, single OS streamlined, customizable, open network solutions that create a lower TCO.
TERARANGE enterprise network solutions are based on an open platform, meaning you can leverage your existing enterprise network technology without repurchasing technology you've already invested in. Furthermore, our enterprise network solutions are fully integrated, so you need fewer boxes.
TERARANGE enterprise network solutions use one OS, consolidating management, network policy enforcement, and control functions. This significantly reduces the learning curve, requiring less training and providing additional cost savings for ongoing configuration and management. One OS also means greater familiarity and interoperability, fewer configuration errors, and less downtime.
TERARANGE enterprise network solution is optimally equipped to handle the challenges of the new enterprise network: organic growth with minimal acquisitions, resulting in tight networking integration and a single OS. Market leadership as defined by analysts, peers, and customers. Collaboration—not competition—with partners. Enterprise network expert support available 24–7, 365 days of the year.

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