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Web Caching

 Web Caching
Today's Internet environment is rapidly evolving into one that offers a high-bandwidth environment as the subscriber line bandwidth is being expanded from 10M to 100M and even 1G while video streaming services such as YouTube become increasingly more popular all over the world. Some of the world's more renowned research institutes are forecasting that video traffic rates will continuously increase and it will take up two-thirds of the total traffic volume by 2014. To solve the issue of rapidly increasing video traffic, ISPs have considered and tried many ways: expanding the lines (the most traditional solution), CDN service, expanding the origin servers, QoS and cache.

However, the ISPs could not get the desired effects using the above-mentioned ways; the quality of video streaming service was not guaranteed and the bandwidth at bottleneck sections was not reduced enough. In this instance, the most effective solution will be to overcome the functionalities and performance limitations of cache products.

TERARANGE provides the cacheXtreme, a cache server which provides the world's No. 1 performance and stability among other competitors' cache servers and the cacheXtreme, a brand-new cache architecture which overcomes the functionalities and performance limitations of the previous cache products. With these excellent solutions, you can maximize improvement of the subscriber line bandwidth.

For the cacheXtreme, multiple cacheXtremes can be installed in the section where the line bandwidth is less than 10G and video traffic and Web content is transmitted within the ISP. Therefore, the video download speed is increased and the line bandwidth is subsequently decreased.

The cacheXtreme is suitable for network providers such as ISPs, rather than those service providers who are seriously concerned about the overall size of line bandwidth. In most caches, the data storage functions and service functions are integrated into one single device, causing heavy loads upon the cache when too much traffic occurs. However, to overcome the functionalities and performance limitations of caches, the cacheXtreme separates the data collection and storage functions from the service functions and processes all the functions.
Benefits of cacheXtreme :
  • 10Mbps~1.5Gbps high performance.
  • Support URL Filtering and Antivirus.
  • Accelerate web browsing and reduce network latency for end users.
  • Control network bandwidth demands and congestion by eliminating redundant traffic.
  • Enable remote administration and manageability for deployment at points of presence.

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