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Terarange Consulting was contracted to identify and characterize solution partners in our wireless mesh ecosystem, and help BelAir build relationships with the relevant partners. Terarange designed a complimentary partner program to take full advantage of the resulting relationships. Terarange's knowledge of the wireless industry and expertise in building successful business partnerships were instrumental in establishing and maintaining a world class partnership program.
Phil Belanger, BelAir Networks, Inc,

The difference between hosting providers is not the machines they use, the bandwidth they offer - or even the pricing. It is in the quality of the support services they offer. When you are running a business with a hosting provider, you need support services that will keep you running 24*7. We have found that TERARANGE offers the most professional and capable support services available - helping us keep on online business up and running around the clock. Of course, their product is great too - but it is their great support and troubleshooting that makes us loyal TERARANGE customers.
The SmartPM team,

TERARANGE has been a working partner with Trillium Internet since 2009. In that time the sales team has worked with us to find the best solutions, and when necessary the tech support team have been terrific. I would highly recommend TERARANGE for all server needs.
Michael Castro - President,

You guys have done a great job over the past week of helping get this migration completed on 2 fronts. I cannot express enough how comforting it has been to know that having problems and having help solving them from the support staff at TERARANGE helping to fix, adjust and remedy all situations has been. What is even more comforting is known that RF did all of this without a moment of thought for charging for services.The above process has validated my move to migrate from my other provider to you folks and assures me that my 2007 plans of adding additional servers with RF will be the right choice.My confidence is high and you are more than welcome to use my comments to attribute your work for others.
Glen Grant,

About Us

Know-how in modern wireless data transmission technologies, creativity in solutions, accuracy in design, precision in production and logistics make TERARANGR a unique designer and manufacturer of point-to-point licensed and licence-free data transmission equipment. Located in Eastern Europe, TERARANGE managed to acquire and consolidate valuable locally available intellectual resources of the microelectronics industry and spread its presence to almost 100 countries, covering all relevant market segments worldwide within just a decade.
Flexibility and customer-oriented business philosophy are the core concepts of TERARANGE research and business development. Our specialists are always following up-to-date industry trends to successfully integrate cutting-edge technologies in our all-inclusive portfolio of modular split-mount and full outdoor systems. Standard to high capacity TDM, Hybrid TDM&Ethernet and 4G/LTE networks-ready Native Ethernet/IP data transmission equipment for licensed and licence-free frequencies provides hundreds of supported, customer-tailored product variations, all linked together by a fully featured TERARANGE Network Management System (NMS).
Affordable broadband connectivity and mobile communications have become the backbone of the modern world as well as an important business tool providing decisive impact on competitiveness of our customers. In response to these trends we are constantly striving to promote mobility and openness as the defining features of our company. TERARANGE has proved time and that it can swiftly adapt to the challenges of the changing environment and the ever-increasing pace of technological innovations.
The slogan Customized microwave solutionsTM incorporates our commitment to an industry-rare capability to design and implement specific, user-adapted application techniques and features for our products to ensure that they are fit for planned expansion or fine-tuning of existing 3G/HSPA backhaul, complex carrier-grade LTE network migration, deployment of advanced future-proof wireless infrastructure in underserved markets or a redundancy solution in last-mile connections.
Mobile and alternative operators, PTT/fixed operators, broadband access providers, ISPs, government, utility companies and many others across the world have already chosen to work with TERARANGE as a company of reliable and energy efficient products, unparalleled delivery terms and worldwide warranty service, as well as extremely effective and direct management-level communication. Because broad expertise for a fair price is our proposal for time&money-sensitive customers that value investments in high class service and sustainable solutions to stay fit for the emerging age of green and smart economies.

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